Slovakian Girls

Slovakian girls in average are amazingly beautiful. They are tall, slim and can be very sexy. As far as their character is concerned, they seem to be confident, solid and happy in their lives. In comparison to Czech girls they come across as more welcoming, easy-going and open. But women of both of these nationalities are kind, friendly and well-mannered.

Subtlety, sophistication as well as meekness refer to both Slovak and Czech girls. They behave with a lot of grace and thus no man can feel ashamed of them when going out. On the other hand, before they make friends with new people, they are quite cautious and act as introverts. At the first moment coldness and conservativeness are the traits one can observe about them, but once they feel the person is the right one to talk to, they switch and become soon talkative and charming.

Similarly to every Czech girl, a typical Slovak one makes sure all her clothes fit her well and match with all the other components she wears. She has no problems with wearing sports clothes, however, whenever there is an opportunity to dress elegantly, she goes for it. Thus girls put some efforts to find nice pieces of clothes in shops and do shopping quite often.

Slovak girls enjoy going out to the cinema, theatres or pubs. At the weekends they spend night clubbing and meeting their friends. They love dancing and being in the heat of a disco night enables them to show their skills. Generally, they are active sportswomen and one can see them running in parks, cycling or rollerblading. Hiking and making trips are other popular activities they adore. Thus Slovak girls are interesting women to meet and get to know.

22. 08. 2012