Are there any Differences between Czech and Slovak Girls?

Czech girls are very similar to the Slovak ones in many respects. They are both good-looking having nice slim figure, and wear elegant clothes that fit them really well. They care about their appearance and use good-quality cosmetics to keep their skin nice and young. When they go clubbing or to any kind of disco, trendy clothes or dress make an inseparable part of their clothing as well as make-up of their faces. You can usually meet girls in groups as they never go out alone.

Slovak girls seem to be more active and ambitious than Czech girls. They do various sports and when it comes to education they study really hard to be successful in their careers. They long to become renowned doctors, lawyers or scientists. Many Slovak students come to study to the Czech Republic as they find an educational system more effective with wider opportunities. Some Czech girls care more about their free time activities than studying. However, as they are getting older they start to realize that education plays an important part in their lives.

A lot of men find Czech and Slovakian girls charming and sexy. They say they are all very smart, bright and sometimes cunning. Men think they are decisive and know what they want. In their relationships girls look for stability, mutual understanding, care and love. It is true they firstly take time to open themselves to any man and behave conservatively first but once they get comfortable and start to trust potential partners they become friendly, talkative and easy-going. So it doesn’t matter if you come across a Czech or Slovak girl as their character and beauty is the same. 

26. 08. 2012