Characteristics of Slovak girls

Have you ever met a Slovak girl? If not, then you should. Slovakian girls are beautiful, friendly and energetic. A lot of successful models are of Slovakian origin and the top ones are known all over the world. A typical Slovak girl is relatively tall and slim. She wears fashionable clothes and follows new trends in fashion. However, her look is not so important for her as her studies.

Slovak girls take their education seriously. They are ambitious and want to find a well-paid job, which will bring them independence. Thus they study hard and pass their exams with flying colours. They are confident and can be quite hot-tempered in many situations. That makes them different from Czech girls who are in general more gentle and reserved.

Slovak girls are active and do various sports. They enjoy hiking, rollerblading and cycling and at the weekends they make trips to the countryside either with their family members or their friends. Yoga, reading books and gardening are the other pastime activities they like. And as they are sociable and out-going, they cannot stay at home on Friday nights. Various clubs and pubs are usually occupied by young girls and boys who spend nights dancing, chatting and enjoying themselves.
Family and friends play an important part in women’s lives. When Slovak girls are young, they are supported by their parents in all activities they do. And once they have their own family, they care about its members with love and devotion. Their partners can always rely on them. When they need their wives to accompany them during formal social events, men can be sure, they will look elegant and smart. 

27. 08. 2012