New type of women for me!

Hi, I am Julio and I am from Spain. I had a lot of nice girlfriends, but everyone had a lot of bad features. Especially girlfriends from Spain or from Italy. They spent a lot of money, they were too related everyone look as Penelope Cruiz. I was bored for it. So I have started looking for a new type of women. Thanks got for dating websites! I am especially lucky for, because i found there Mária. She is from Slovakia. I never knew anything about the country before I found her. But now? Now I know a lot of interesting information and have a lot of bombastic experience with the Slovaks.

Sweet start, sweet life

How all it began? I just wrote several women who profiles liked me. Among them was mine Mária. Slovakian women I wrote with them were charming! But my Mária was the best, really. Woman with beautiful hair and with a sparkle in the eye. I visited her in Slovakia after two month we wrote many letters. And then? We married after one year!  Now we are parents of cute small girl named as her mother! It was the best step in my life to used Czech single woman. Really. Just try it as well and be happy!

Traveling and learning of new habits

With my Mária I learned a lot of new things. For example several types of skiing – downhill skiing, cross country skiing and skialpinismus! Cross country skiing, especialy in High Tatra it is really fantastic! Even though I am from Spain! My wife like travel to my country and we are really happy together! So many different things we can do together. I now we will have beautiful life, because we wil never be bored together! I believe it! I know it!

26. 09. 2018