Slovak women

Slovakian girls mostly grow up in traditional families, in which a man is the head of the family and a woman takes care of both children and all household. Education is an important feature in girls’ lives as many parents push them to study hard to be successful in their careers. Thus many girls grow up into ambitious and confident women who have a good job and a decent salary.

Even though Slovak women are quite independent, they need to have a nice and caring partner in their lives. People in general wish or rather need to have someone they can talk to when they come home and rely on when they are in distress or feel bad. Moreover, it is often said that a man completes a woman and in the same sense a woman completes a man, so without a partner one would be incomplete in fact.

Slovak girls are very attractive and sexy. They are relatively tall, slim and in good shape. They wear a little make-up and therefore look natural. Similarly to Czech girls they wear nice and elegant clothes, so whenever a man decides to go out to a formal evening or a special event with his female partner, he can be sure she will look great and ready to represent him.
It is true that a typical Slovak woman runs a household and cares about the family, however, she is also still able to find some time for herself, in which she keeps fit by running, cycling or going to the fitness centre. Moreover, she reads books, does a little bit of gardening and makes trips during which she relaxes. On the other hand, at the weekends she devotes her time to children and prepares a wide range of activities and adventures for them. Thus all the attributes mentioned above make Slovak women interesting to meet and ideal to live with.

22. 08. 2012